Real Estate & Construction law

Our Real Estate & Construction team will assist you in all your transactions and litigation files. We also provide you with consulting regarding all real estate matter:

  • Construction law,

  • Rental law, including office, retail and residential lease,

  • Asset deals, including complex transactions, long lease, building right, split sales, …,

  • Co-ownership, easements and neighbor disputes,

  • Real estate brokers,

  • Consumer rights,

  • Legal due diligence

Our service

Transactions: Our team has elaborated a wide range of templates for you and will draft, review and negotiate with utmost efficiency all your contracts. Combined experience in contractual matters and litigation with a strong knowledge of the most recent case law enables us to provide a realistic approach and effective assistance in closing deals. We can also carry out legal due diligence of your documents in order to ensure compliance with the current state of legislation, taking into account relevant case law and legal doctrine.


Litigation: We prefer to settle your disputes outside court and find a pragmatic solution together. Despite this approach, it is not always possible to avoid a procedure.  When that is the case, you can count on our regular practice of litigation files and thorough knowledge of judicial procedure law. Litigation can be conducted before every court in Belgium as well as any Belgian, foreign or international arbitration organism. Our team is experienced in conducting complex construction files including judicial surveys.


Consulting: Our team can advise you in any real estate and connected matter. A relevant legal opinion before signing an agreement or starting a dispute will often avoid a much longer and expensive procedure.


In-house: You can count on our team to provide you with temporary or long-term in-house assistance to meet the needs of your business. Our partners are flexible and would be glad to join your firm as an independent consultant when needed.

Our Experts

Did you know ?

In 2014, we assisted an insurance company in the consolidation of its data centers to a cloud (IaaS) infrastructure. We helped drafting and negotiating the contracts with existing and new suppliers.